Anime | Senryu Girl

Japanese/Other title: 川柳少女/ Senryuu Shojo {Apr-June 2019}
[12 episodes (approx. 12min); Comedy, Slice of life, Romance]


I’m telling you I love this anime sooo much!! 🥰💓💓💓 Although the couple in this story (Eiji and Nanako) did not officially become a couple yet, but every interaction between them says it! It was just so cute to watch them together and even Bucho wanted to fix them together as a couple. (That would be me if I am an anime character 🤭)

Nanako is a pretty purple-haired high school girl who has problems in communicating. As in she only ‘talks’ through using senryu, which is to write her thoughts in short poem form. This practice stems from her being bullied during her childhood years, so she was afraid to speak. That is why in the anime you won’t see her speak at all, but there’s still a seiyuu for Nanako’s character and how I wished that would be her real voice as the main character to really SPEAK to others because she sounded so gentle and sweet! Here I thought Nanako’s condition seemed way more serious than Bocchi as she can’t even speak to her family and friends. Did her family bring her to see the psychiatrists? Because it seemed worrying to me. I know I must be thinking too much for an anime show, but I can’t helped it. And it’s so not practical to bring brush and paper/tanzaku around. (but of course Nanako can do that without a problem) But it bothers me because she is just mute in this anime when I’m sure she has a very nice voice. What a pity it is to hold back just because of some mean kids bullying where they probably don’t know what they are doing.


The very first time they got a little closer (I mean with some skinship like this↑) was what made me squealed! Obviously they have a liking towards each other! Nanako took Eiji’s words seriously so she went to work out just to slim down her tummy and made Eiji touched it to acknowledge that she has lost weight. THAT IS SO CUTE. Eiji didn’t really mean what he was saying, but Nanako was so bothered by it. Because of that tummy touching, Eiji blushed and so does Nanako. This blushing things is what makes everything so cute. ☺️


Bucho even made up this amusement park event for Literature members to go as part of their activities. But of course she did that to make them go on a date together instead. 🤭 (But anyway is that what literature club members will do irl? If only there is such a club I think it would be much enjoyable to go to school like that haha.) So here she is stalking on their progress along with Koto-nee chan. I would love to do that if it was me.


senryu girl_ep5

We’re sure that it was love between them since the fortune teller Tao can even get the cards to say it! It was a pity they didn’t wait for this result to be revealed because initially Tao got Eiji’s name wrongly but Nanako got the answer she wanted. Because Eiji denied the bad outcome calculated previously. Boy oh boy, wasn’t it a pity that Eiji didn’t made his feelings known more obviously than Nanako? 😅


The romantic scenes happened towards the end of the anime. They went out at night to hunt for fireflies (it was Bucho’s idea again). And then they went to a festival to watch the fireworks. 💖


How can I not be excited at this scene!! But Eiji!! He was like a tortoise and he didn’t even realised what he did mean something more. Look at that, when he won a glow ring at the stall, he gave it to Nanako by putting it on her forth finger. OF COURSE NANAKO REACTED IN EXCITEMENT! Man, why didn’t you realise why?? You just proposed to her didn’t you 😂


And you know what, Nanako got pulled by her classmates to view the hanabi together so she and Eiji/Bucho got lost. Eiji was in fact panicking to find Nanako because he knew she wanted to view the hanabi with him. He ran through the crowds and it was the glow ring that made him found her!! Look at that when the hanabi shoots up in the sky!! That scene was so romantic as if he proposed to her! Nanako was in the verge of tears when she thought he won’t be around in time to view it with her. But that it turned out so good! 😊


And at the last episode, it showed us how they met during middle school at a senryu school without introducing each other yet. That was a sweet encounter. It was Eiji that made her open up a little to befriend with people despite that she still doesn’t speak. But it was still an improvement. It was that encounter which made her like him. They may seem like not a matching couple (Nanako who doesn’t speak while Eiji is an ex-delinquent), but that is not the case. Such school romance is really beautiful. One of those that I really love and added to my favourite list. 😘

My rating: 10/10

Would I recommend?: Yes! ❤️❤️ But can they be a couple in the next season if there is?


  1. These two were super sweet to watch for the season. I was also kind of hoping they’d get to be an official couple before the end but I really enjoyed what there was of this anime. It was just kind of cute and sweet and fun to watch each week.

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    1. Yeah the best word to describe this anime is SWEET!! It was really enjoyable and I can’t get over the part on the glow ring. If only they officially became a couple on that scene because everything fits so nicely! Really hoping for a nicer second season coz the story is so good. 😊

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